2015 setting new standards for shipper-carrier relations

At the forefront of logistics in 2015 is the Keystone XL Pipeline Act decision, which could potentially lead to the elimination of as many as 400,000 U.S. jobs across 26 states and the closing of shipyards, according to a recent InboundLogistics article.

Add to this the shift in network distribution processes for many shippers (including sourcing dynamics, migrating demand, omni-channel maturation, and freight process outsourcing), and you have an industry on the verge of a major transformation.


3PLs battle the new tech frontier

3PL service providers may be struggling to stay competitive in an increasingly commoditized business. The impact of recent supply chain software developments, and the perceived value they hold for the future, represents a new area of exploration within the industry. This area of growth presents an opportunity for 3PLs in the value-add market, with huge untapped potential in technology.


The High Velocity Future of BPO

When business process outsourcing services for the logistics first developed over 60 years ago, the rollout of a project was a lengthy process that took upwards of a few years to successfully implement, often taking the full life of the initial client/vendor contract to complete.

This has changed dramatically over recent years with the advent of new technologies shaping the global BPO landscape at large, including the development of scalable freight payable technology.



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