DDC FPO Unveils DDC Intelligence for Freight Billing: Intelligent Back Office Solution for Trucking Industry

Atlanta, September 24, 2014 -- DDC FPO, trusted LTL partner and world leader in freight business process outsourcing,       announced today that the company will launch its unique back     office solution, DDC Intelligence for Freight Billing at the 2014 American   Trucking Associations' Management Conference Exhibition (ATA   MC&E), Oct. 4-7 in San Diego. The new addition to DDC’s suite   of offerings uses highly intelligent, context-based technology       that eliminates human error, enabling customers to streamline     mission-critical data more efficiently and accurately than ever     before, revolutionizing business processes for the world’s top       motor carriers.

DDC Intelligence for Freight Billing will be unveiled with live demonstrations at the DDC FPO exhibit booth (#1133) on the   floor of the 2014 ATA MC&E at the San Diego Convention  Center.


DDC FPO Introduces Freight Rate Auditing for SHIFT Freight

ATLANTA, September 12, 2014 -- Fast-growing, outbound Western 11 LTL carrier SHIFT Freight has handed over its freight rate auditing function to trusted partner and leading freight business process specialist DDC FPO. DDC has designed and implemented a customized freight rate auditing solution, enhancing its current suite of offerings already achieving cost containment, labor elasticity and high quality metrics for top U.S. carriers.

By leveraging expertise, scalability, flexibility and system compatibility, combined with an extensive list of service capabilities, the DDC FPO freight rate audit model examines, adjusts and verifies carrier freight bills for accuracy and relays to the client overnight for invoicing.

According to SHIFT Freight's vice president Tommy Skinner, the company's accounting department had been splitting its time between core competencies and the peripheral, however critical, administrative duty of auditing the bills every morning. In addition to re-allocating the strong talents of SHIFT’s accounting department to more highly skilled, strategic assignments, SHIFT can also now benefit from the around-the-clock processing.

"We now get more accurate daily revenue numbers, and a much clearer depiction of our finances, first thing every morning," said Skinner.


DDC FPO & transportation pros drive Denver logistics forward

DDC FPO is proud to sponsor the 92nd Annual Transportation Club  International (TCI) Symposium, hosted by the Denver Transportation Club (DTC) Sept. 17-19 at the Magnolia hotel in Denver, CO.

Each year, a chapter of TCI hosts the annual educational symposium in their respective city complete with its own central motif that highlights local logistics trends. The experienced association is well-known for its member clubs comprised of recognized experts in freight, logistics and supply chain management. This year, its Denver chapter will focus on the future of logistics in Colorado with the theme and DTC club motto, “Strive for the up-building of Denver and Colorado.”


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