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DDC FPO Solutions

Smarter, Stronger, Strategic: DDC FPO's 100% customizable solutions equip clients with greater visibility, control, quality, efficiency and security:





Once we create a dedicated freight-specific “Center of Excellence” on your behalf, our FPO solutions will then offer a wide range of benefits:

  • Enhanced control over operational costs and procedures
  • Increased accuracy of billing
  • Standardization of distributed processes
  • Shorter lead time on invoicing
  • Optimized load consolidations
  • Guaranteed document turnaround times
  • Guaranteed accuracy rates (ISO Certified ISMS 27001:2005)
  • Massive reductions in time-consuming error correction
  • Increased visibility through improved MI and Reporting
  • Fully customizable implementations tailored to meet your specific requirements

Work More Efficiently

DDC FPO is not simply about remote data input, but information integrity, form compliance, load analysis and coding, and exceptions processing. Using DDC FPO, our customers are now processing freight bills faster, more efficiently, and, most importantly, at a fraction of the cost they were previously (often around 60% less expensive!).

Secure & Private

As added security measures and provisions for disaster recovery, DDC FPO operates multiple sites in the Philippines, each with their own independent power structures. Multiple DSL lines service each site from different ISPs to minimize the risk of lost connectivity. Other security features include biometric door locks and VPN connections to both FTP servers and our customers’ systems.